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The Hub Offer

It is vital that new teachers receive the best possible support at the start of their careers. The Department for Education’s (DfE) intention is to offer a robust package of training and support which expands on the Core Content Framework (CCF) delivered during Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes, developing into the Early Career Framework (ECF). Both programmes set out an entitlement to new evidence-based support and training over the first three years of an Early Career Teacher’s career, as well as support for their mentors.

As a Teaching School Hub, we are delighted to offer our support for Early Career Teachers (ECTs), our Early Career Framework (ECF) and our Appropriate Body (AB) Statutory Induction services; together these are known as our Golden Package.

At Bright Futures Teaching School Hubs we have our Golden Package of Early Career Framework Support. Our Golden Package gives you:

  • Access to the fully funded DfE Early Career Teachers programme (in partnership with Teach First for duration of the induction phase)
  • Access to subject/phase-specific Early Career provision in year two of the Early Career Framework
  • Access to our Appropriate Body (AB) service*
  • Access to optional Continuous Development opportunities

*Please note the £355 charge for this package is to cover the cost of the Appropriate Body role over the two-year induction. The DfE Early Career Framework package is fully funded and therefore free of charge.

Key Information

How is the Early Career Framework delivered?

Early Career Teachers will experience a blended model of delivery with online and in-person training sessions to discuss theory and experiences with peers and experts. They will also get access to coaching sessions to help put theory into practice with the support of their mentor.

Year 2 takes a more personalised approach and focuses on subject/phase-specific learning and development.

How is the Early Career Framework funded?

State-funded schools can choose to work with one of six Lead Providers accredited by the DfE to access the Early Career Framework. This is the simplest option and the one we expect most schools to take. Lead Providers will be held to account by Ofsted for the quality of their training so you can be assured that this training will remain high quality.

The training for both Early Career Teachers and mentors is funded by the DfE. As with previous NQT arrangements, the DfE expects schools to continue to reduce each ECTs timetable by 10% for their first year on the ECF.

In the second year, the DfE will provide funds to reduce each ECTs timetable by 5%. The DfE will also provide funding for in-school mentors in the second year, based on 20 hours of mentoring.

If you are a Private/Voluntary/Independent sector setting please contact us for bespoke information on funding.

What is the role of the mentor?

A mentor is the most important person to a new teacher. In both Year 1 and Year 2 mentors will attend an in-person training session for one day in September, it will provide them with everything they need to know about how to support their Early Career Teacher through the Early Career Framework.

Mentors will spend one hour per week with their ECT. This could include either a short drop in lesson observation, providing feedback and instructional coaching to develop the ECT or discussing a topic in-depth with them to enhance their understanding of a concept within the school context. Mentors will have access to a mentor handbook.

Mentors will receive training to develop skills in:

  • Assessing teacher progress
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Using deliberate practice to accelerate progress

Mentors will attend half termly online seminars to compliment the modules being undertaken by their ECTs so they can tailor and align their support accordingly.

What is the role of the Induction Tutor?

The Mentor and the Induction Tutor are two discrete roles with differing responsibilities, and it is expected that these roles should be held by different individuals.

The Induction Tutor is responsible for assessing the ECT’s progress against the Teachers’ Standards for their Statutory Induction.  The Induction Tutor will need to be able to make rigorous and fair judgements about the ECT’s progress in relation to the Teachers’ Standards. They will need to be able to recognise when early action is needed in the case of an ECT who is experiencing difficulties, and be able to commission appropriate additional support for ECTs alongside the Appropriate Body advice where necessary.  

This person is often but not always the ECF Lead (the person who holds the DfE Early Career Teacher Portal Log In).

What is the cost of the Appropriate Body service?

The cost of the Appropriate Body Service where the school choses to access the Early Career Framework through the Golden Package is £355 per Early Career Teacher.   The Early Career Framework element is funded by the DfE and this charge is for the Appropriate Body.

Where schools choose to either; use DfE-accredited materials to deliver, or to design and deliver their own ECF-based programme additional charges will apply as the Appropriate Body is required to fidelity check the provision of the school for their ECTs. 

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